New City Restaurant for Afternoon Tea

New City is a Cha Chaan Teng located in New Kennedy Square that has been around for over 10 years. The staff have been around since the restaurant opened and the turnover rate is extremely low but a part of it has to do with the fact that it’s mainly a family-run business. The staff here are all extremely friendly and they can often be seen chatting with regulars when they’re not busy taking orders or serving food.

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Sunday Brunch at The Stockyards in Toronto

It’s been a while since I’ve last seen my University friends so we decided to catch up this weekend over brunch. It took a while before we could decide where we could possibly go eat on a Sunday morning but in the end, we agreed to go to Stockyards since it was close to Yorkdale mall where we wanted to go after and it had pretty decent breakfast menu.

Stockyards opens for brunch at 9 am and we arrived around 10 am anticipating a long line up as this place is always busy. However, we were quite surprised to not see a long line and only ended up waiting for approximately 20 minutes or so until we got a table for 3 by the window.  Read More

Oh Hi Shanghai! — Tasty Shanghai Food in Toronto

Finding a good Shanghainese restaurant in Toronto is not easy. Normally we would go to Ding Tai Fung located in First Markham Place which we recently learned was a knock off chain of the real Din Tai Fung that originated in Taiwan. However, we were looking for a change of scenery and we decided to try Hi Shanghai located in Splendid China Tower instead.

The restaurant was very easy to find inside this plaza as there was a designated entrance for it called “Restaurant entrance”. As the name suggests, upon entering this mall, you will walk past a strip of restaurants with Hi Shanghai located at the very back.

The restaurant recently changed it's name to New Shanghai

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Cafe Brussels Return as Brussels Bistro

As a devoted Chowhounder,  we are constantly monitoring the discussion boards to see if there are any must-try restaurants in Toronto that we haven’t tried yet. Discussion topics which marks the excitement of a restaurant’s re-opening generally catch our attention since people would rarely post about a restaurant re-opening if it wasn’t any good. This was what lead us to Brussels Bistro.

It's hard to miss Brussels Bistro with its bright yellow exterior

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Kago – A Restaurant for the Adventurous

Sometimes the best places to eat are not well established restaurants but ones that are located in small neighbourhoods. Located in Shinbashi along one of the side streets and up a flight up stairs is a restaurant where you’ll find some of the most unique food.

Up this flight of stairs is where we'll find some of the most unique dishes in Tokyo

Kago serves kagoshima focused cuisine and the food that they served was very different compared to the rest of what we ate during our entire trip in Japan. Although we could barely speak or understand any Japanese, we had no trouble ordering food. The owner even recommended some items to us to try. We did some research on what to order  before coming here and along with the chef’s recommendations, we had a very unique dining experience.

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Should I get the Japan Rail Pass?

Our Ordinary JR Pass Passport

Decisions, decisions. One of the biggest issue we had when planning our trip to Japan was whether we should get the Japan Rail (JR) Pass or not. Everyone tells us that we should get one because it is a special rail pass that is exclusively sold to oversea visitors to encourage travel within Japan. It is also said to entitle you with significant savings that residents in Japan cannot experience.

As a couple that is trying to save as much money as possible for our trip in Japan, we did a lot of investigation to see whether it is truly worth it to get the JR pass or not. Before we answer that question, let us first go over the fundamental information about the JR Pass.

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Yunoshimakan – A Traditional Hot Spring Ryokan Experience

Our anniversary was quickly approaching and we really wanted to get away from the city to somewhere a bit more remote and be more in touch with nature. We’ve always wanted to stay at a traditional ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn).  After browsing the different ryokan options that were available, we decided we wanted to stay at a Hot Spring (Onsen) Ryokan. We’ve heard a lot about the popularity of Japanese Hot Springs and really wanted to go to one while we were in Japan. Now we were able to kill two birds with one stone!

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Bunny Island — Japan’s Hidden Gem for Rabbit Lovers

To say that I love rabbits would be an understatement. I’m obsessed with them. That’s why when I heard about the existence of Bunny Island (commonly referred to as Rabbit Island) in Japan, I was over ecstatic. I immediately added it to my list of places to visit while we were in Japan.

History of the Island

Bunny Island’s real name is Ōkunoshima, a small island located near the city of Takehara in the Hiroshima Prefecture. It got dubbed Rabbit Island due to the abnormally large number of wild rabbits freely roaming the small island. Despite the rabbits being classified as “wild”, they are very tame and are comfortable around humans. This is largely because the island recently became a popular tourist attraction as a result of the exposure it has received online through bloggers blogging about it. Read More

Wabiya Korekido (侘家古暦堂) – Yakitori in Kyoto

When we were in Kyoto, our Boutique Hotel recommended that we try Wabiya Korekido, a Yakitori restaurant not too far from where we were staying. Wabiya Korekido has multiple locations with two of the better ones being in Ponto-cho and Hanamikoji. We went to the one in Ponto-cho which is one of the smaller locations with a counter that seats 10 people and a table that seats 4. Our hotel helped us make reservations so we didn’t have to worry about not getting a seat.

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